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Please Note: The Bag Lady will not be making deliveries September 12 – 19.
I will be happy to schedule your shopping around these dates.

Grocery shopping service in Lakewood Ranch FloridaWelcome to The Bag Lady in Lakewood Ranch.  We are your resource for reclaiming your time, money and energy.

We all need a little help sometimes.

Shopping Service in Lakewood Ranch FLMost working parents would prefer to spend their free time with their families rather than the grocery store aisles.


Shopping Service in Lakewood Ranch FLAging adults might not be able to maneuver the stores as easily as they once could.


Shopping Service in Lakewood Ranch FLTraveling executives love to have their shopping done for them before they arrive back in town.

Whatever your reason, a shopping service is the perfect solution.  Having healthy, fresh foods delivered to you, on your time, will reduce the stress, cost and hassle of this weekly chore.

How Can The Bag Lady Help You?

Save Time:

After working a full day, do you really want to spend your precious evening or weekend hours shopping?  Imagine having your groceries delivered to you so all you have to do is prepare the next meal… and spend those hours with your loved ones.  That’s what The Bag Lady can do for you.

Save Money:

Do you ever leave the grocery store with a cart full of things you didn’t have on your list?  How much larger was your grocery bill? When The Bag Lady does your shopping, she only buys what is on your list.  All of the extra “stuff” remains in the store… and off your bill!

Save Gas:

Running to the store 2 to 3 times a week can rack up the miles on your car. Given the price of a gallon of gas, The Bag Lady can not only save on your grocery bill, but also your weekly gas expense.